Boost Stone Quest

       Localizações do Espelho:
  • Lado de fora da casa da Daisy Oak, em Pallet, ao sul de Viridian
  • Lado de fora do respawn de Voltorb, Pewter
  • Gengar, Fuchsia
  • Ice Island, Fuchsia, 3 andares abaixo da quest do Crystal no respawn de dewgong e lapras
  • Jiggypuff, Pewter, respawn com grama, chegar de fly
  • último andar do Rock Tunnel, Cerulean
  • Paras cave, Pewter, na room com o parasect após a rock
  • Casa Pinsir, norte de Viridian
  • Gym, Saffron
  • Pedra entre Lavender e Saffron
  • Cinnabar no respaw de 1 Arcanine e 1 Magmar


    • frozen human – its cold here, im freezing…; frozen human; i cant move…frozen…; frozenhead;
    • rat tail – rat whip; rat tail; future piece of a raticate; small whip;
    • wood – wood; plank; termite food; plant armor;
    • onix tail – whip of stones; onix tail; rocks;
    • squirtle hull – squirtle hull; squirtle’s house; tortoises protection; turtle’s shell;
    • flowers – flowers; piece of spring; the best essence in the nature; a boquet of;
    • map – it does have continents; map; you can see the shape of the earth; traveler best friend;
    • dracola’s eye – eye of blood; darkness eye; shadow eye;
    • plasmother remains – plasmother remains; monster’s plasma; green remains; green and disgusting;
    • bear paw – hands; brown claws;
    • trap – the most popular is used in bears; do not step it; insect can step but a giant can die;
    • fish fin – fish fin; it can strach you under water; sharp piece of a fish; piece of fish;
    • bat wing – used in witch potions; bloodsucker wings; bat wing; dark bloodsucker wings; rare wings; dark bat wing; dark piece of a flyer;
    • beholder eye – it can distinguish about 10 million colors; the most common colors are brown, blue, green and black;
    • dragon claw – a giant lizard weapon; weapon of the monster with wings;
    • pokeball – pokeball; the trainers weapon; critical for trainers; people dream using this in a journey;
    • bug venom – it has a powerful poison; bug venom; insect’s weapon;
    • perfect behemoth fang – it does not have teeth problems; elder fang ; ancient tooth; can kill you in one bite;
    • sandbag – sandbag; found in the desert; granular material;
    • gyarados tail – a tail of a furious; gyarados tail; piece of a sea giant; whip of lord of the sea;
    • soul orb – sphere of human essence; essence incorporeal; concentration of human energy;
    • piano – played by keys; piano; used to create symphony; maurizio pollini;
    • hook – hook; if you lose a hand you can use instead;hook – used by captains;
    • leaves – leaves; used to synthesis of light; green sharps; hair of trees;
    • big cask – big cask; can store oil inside; 158,987295 liters;
    • voodoo doll – has arms and legs do not move and feel pain!;
    • pinsir horn – it’s hard; the most powerful weapon of a insect;
    • small leaves – head of a small plant; small pieces of spring; small leaves;
  • honeycomb – house of an insect; egypcians used to use; honeycomb; sweet taste.


  • You read G: esquerda
  • You read K: em cima à direita
  • You read M: norte
  • You read Y: sul
  • You read A: embaixo à direita
  • You read W: direita
  • You read Z: embaixo à esquerda
  • You read B: copyback
  • You read F: em cima à esquerda

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